Screenshots(of some, not all stuff)

   Hello fellow minecraft fans and welcome to my site for Vanillajelly. Vanillajelly is a Resource pack for the pc game minecraft. It was made by me with the help of my wife. We love playing vanilla minecraft. I wanted a resource pack of my own similar to vanilla minecrafts style, so i made one. Its not like there isn't any good resource packs that are vanilla like, because there is a bunch. I just wanted one with my own style.


   Please download and enjoy my resource pack, and send other minecraft players a link to the site so they can enjoy the Vanillajelly textures too.


   Also, if the resource pack gets popular, I will definitely make a 32 x 32 textured version and/or possibly differently styled resource packs for minecraft.

   Any comments or suggestions for the Vanillajelly resource pack can be sent to the contact listing I have on the contact page.

   This pack was made by me in my style, if anything resembles any other resource packs textures close to exact, let me know and I'll change mine. I Don't have the  time to check all packs out there for resemblance.   Thanks - J.B.